A journey to breathtaking islands, iconic peninsulas & historic ports

Europe was meant to be seen by ship

Discover all your dream destinations in one trip. Coast through the warm waters of the Mediterranean and see what myths are made of in the Greek islands. Watch the cliffs of Ireland grow from a tiny speck of green to mighty wonders as your ship draws nearer. Spend a day sightseeing in Rome and then be lulled to sleep by the sound of waves as you set sail to Sicily. Wherever you go, you'll feel like you've been painted into a seascape by one of the grand masters.

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Make sure to pack a light jacket if you get chilly like me. Temperatures on the water or on higher open-decks at night can be lower than on land—especially early or late in the season.
Bianca Calascione
Marketing, Air Canada Vacations, 2021


These titans of the sea have changed a lot throughout the years. Today, the biggest ships are built in Germany and Italy and are designed with eco-friendly, cutting-edge technology.


Go to sleep in one culturally-significant spot and wake up in another. Sail to multiple ports to soak up all the history and art the Old World has to offer.


You'll never go hungry on a cruise. Choose from a variety of cuisines, from classic staples onboard to local delicacies in port. Or, opt for a specialty restaurant or food & drink tour.


Watch the sun rise and set over the ocean on the ship's deck or your own private balcony. Explore historic landmarks and breathtaking scenery when you river cruise.

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